Hand surgery – dissection course

Dissection on fresh, non-formalin fixed hands and forearms.

Department of Hand Surgery, Gentofte Hospital, Denmark, Department of Anatomy, University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Department of Hand Surgery, UMAS, Malmö, Sweden.

The course

The course is aimed to improve knowledge about hand anatomy among orthopaedic surgeons in Denmark and Sweden with interest or working within the field of hand surgery and residents in hand surgery. The course has been held since 1998 and is cooperation within the region of Öresund.

The aim of the course:

To know the anatomy of the upper extremity from the shoulder region to the finger pulps including the brachial plexus.

To use anatomy to validate different surgical exposures

The course is constructed around different sessions of dissections, initially with a demonstration, followed by individual dissection of the various anatomical regions under supervision. The two-day course is constructed around seven sessions with total 12 hours of education. All participants are provided with individual unpreserved cadaver tissues.

All limbs, obtained through a structured formal donor scheme, are non-formalin fixed and fresh. The donors are tested for hepatitis and HIV. Around 16 seats for participants are available with participants particularly from Denmark and Sweden.

Loupe glasses are recommended.

Other sessions include:

A 40 minutes video covering the forearm and hand.

Demonstration of surface anatomy.

No still or video photography is permitted during the dissection sessions


The fee includes all course materials including the dissection compendium, all refreshments and the course dinner. You are only officially registered to the course when the fee is paid and when it is registered at the secretary. It is important that name, address, home phone and E-mail address to home and/or work are sent to the secretary.

The Fee will from 1. January 2023 be 985 Euro


12 CME-points.

The secretary can provide the participants with a list of local hotels in Copenhagen (accommodation is not included!). The hotels are selected with background of previous participants’ recommendations. Further information about the next course, including price and availability, please E-mail Anita Filholt, E-mail: anita@handdissection.dk

About the course

The course is constructed around seven sessions with dissection.

Dissection from the upper arm to the finger pulps for two days.

Systematically review of the anatomy with special emphasis on surgical exposures.

16 participants are provided with one cadaver, unpreserved tissue.

Possibility to discuss anatomical structures, topography and approaches used at surgical exposures.

In detail discuss the antibiotics background for the selection of a specific surgical exposure.

Dissection video.

The course is held at the Medical School, Division of Human Anatomy, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

12 CME-points.

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