Cadaveric Biohazard Statement

Please read the following statement and indicate your understanding and compliance with this statement by signing and dating where indicated.

The specimens have been tested negative for the HIV and hepatit virus. All cadaveric specimens will be handled with universal precaution to assure personal protection against biohazards. We recommend that no delegate of the course handle the tissues without hepatitis B vaccination protection.

Gloves and gowns will be provided for all participants and must be worn at all times during practical dissection demonstrations. Protective apparel must be removed when leaving the area and your hands must be washed. No cadaver material will be permitted outside the workshop area. No food or beverage will be permitted inside the course area.

Any exposure incident must be reported to the organiser of the course.

I have read the Cadaveric Biohazard Statement and understand that I will personally bear the associated risks. I hereby absolve Course Organiser, its personnel and suppliers of cadaveric material of liability and will comply with the universal precautions outlined above

We would ask that you sign this letter and please hand it in at registration, prior to the start of the course.

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Surgical anatomy of the Hand, Panum

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Organizing Committee