Hand Dissection

Hand surgery – dissection course Dissection on fresh, non-formalin fixed hands and forearms.

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5,-6.feb. 2024 ( Doctors)

3.-4.sep. 2024 ( Doctors)

3.-4. feb. 2025 ( Doctors)

6.-7. oct. 2025 ( Doctors)


14. may 2024  ( Nurses)

6. may 2025  ( Nurses)

Scandinavian dissection course

The course is aimed at orthopaedic surgeons and residents in hand surgery. Each participant is provided with his/ her own fresh i.e. frozen specimen obtained through a formal donation programme and tested for hepatitis and HIV. The two days course is structured in five main sessions; fingers, palm, wrist, forearm and elbow with focus on hands-on dissections. Each session will be initiated with a demonstration followed by supervised individual dissection.
Prosected specimens are exhibited during the course for reference and comparison.

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